Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year New Stuff!

Would anyone like to share a new toy/tool you received for Christmas or Hanukkah?
Feel free to email me melissamanleymetal@yahoo.com and share your pic.
I received a lead filled rawhide mallet! I asked for one after Samantha Barnett of Reborn Designs raved about hers and let me try it. Rio, and Contenti both have them and I'm sure other places do too.
I love it! I've always used a plain ole rawhide mallet but with the lead it has a wonderful heft. Contenti also mis-shipped my other present from Robert a lovely Fretz hammer...should be here soon!


The places where we create are fascinating.
And for tool junkies like us, I intend for this blog to become a wonderful melange of tool images from all over the world! I hope you will participate by sending in your comments and photos of your tools and studio space.
Hammer On!

Still life with hammers in my studio: