Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Stakes

My pal Marion shared these pics of her "new" stakes and hammers. a friend of hers gifted them. Need some clean up but aren't they just fantastic! What a haul!

BTW if you'e not dome it before, you can clean up old rusty items with rust removers from hardware stores. Then I put a square of wet/dry, preferably 3M, black sandpaper on a palm sander and go to town! Be sure your starting with a low grit 220 maybe? Then move up as you take out scratches.This method is good for flatish items.
I often finish rounded items by taping sandpaper to my thigh, sitting in a chair and watching a film, while I wet sand on my leg with a fine grit and drip or two of water. This is so that if the surface of your stake is rounded you aren't putting facets on its face. My thigh is just a substitute since I don't have a nice wet lap sander. My studio is very damp and I'm hear on the coast, so I'm cleaning hammer faces and such a lot!

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