Saturday, February 13, 2010

Studio Chaos!

So I thought I'd share pics of my studio. And trust me it really is less chaotic than it appears! It is small but everything has its place. I downsized last August from an 18 x 24 sized studio that I rented for a pretty penny, to this little half of a garage from the 30's. Its a bit damp too so I battle rust. But its CHEAP and in my back yard! So I can go out and work any hour, no 20 minute commute like I had at the glorious studio.
There are always trade offs.

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  1. It looks like a fine space to me, Melissa. I worked out of my garage(professionally), for 20 years. It had no central heat or A/C, either. I still work out of my new little home, but not in the garage....a smaller space! Hope you are doing well.